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Surf’s Up! We have a variety of boards to suit most sizes and skill levels.

$100 per week

Stand Up Paddle Boards

What SUP, brah? Perfect for calmer days, or try your hand at paddle surfing.
Board, leash and paddle

$125 per week

Boogie Boards

Surfing not your thing? Wave fun that’s a blast for all ages.

$30 per week


Skim along the water’s edge. Not for the faint of heart – or for those who don’t like to fall!

$30 per week

Fish On!!

Might as well catch dinner while lounging on the beach. Depending on conditions and time of the year, you might catch whiting, pompano, blue fish, redfish, catfish, sharks and more… Comes with 2 surf rods, 2 sand spikes and some starter tackle.

$150 per week

Made in the Shade

Get some relief from the Florida sunshine with a 10’ x 10’ easy to set-up sun shade, cooler and extra large beach blanket.

$75 per week

Beach Blast

A variety of beach fun including Spike Ball, Kadima Paddles, Bocce ball, football, soccer ball, frisbees, sand toys (buckets, shovels…)

$75 per week

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